Temporary Practice in Prince Edward Island

Temporary Mobility for Visiting Lawyers
In November 2006, the Law Society of Prince Edward Island became a signatory to the National Mobility Agreement (NMA). The regulatory scheme to implement the NMA became effective in February 2007.

Therefore, a member of another Canadian Law Society may now appear on a temporary basis in Prince Edward Island:

In order to do so, the visiting lawyer must meet all of the following qualifications:

As well, the visiting lawyer must:

If the visiting lawyer’s anticipated appearance fits within the above requirements, nothing further need be done in relation to the Law Society of Prince Edward Island.

Permission in Special Circumstances
If the anticipated appearance does not meet the above guidelines (for example, if the appearance will be for more than 100 days, or if the lawyer does not meet the above qualifications), the lawyer may be granted a temporary permit. Note: Any part of a day spent working on a PEI-related file, whether or not you are physically in the province counts as one whole day towards the 100 days permitted. In that case, an application form must be submitted to the Law Society of Prince Edward Island.

Application for Appearance/Practice by Non-Member Lawyers
The following documents must be attached to your application:

Québec lawyers may qualify to practise in Prince Edward Island as Canadian Legal Advisors (CLAs) under the following conditions:

Please note: The scope of a CLA's practice is limited to giving legal advice on the law of Québec and matters involving the law of Québec, matters under federal jurisdiction and matters involving public international law.

Please contact the Law Society for further information.