Council of Law Society of PEI is responsible for governance and regulation of the legal profession in the public interest. Council includes 9 elected members, including the three Officers (Past President, President and Vice-President), two Public Representatives and the Secretary-Treasurer.

Role of Council
As the governing body of the Society, Council ensures the Society carries out its purposes, which are prescribed by s. 4 of the Legal Profession Act. By striving for excellence in regulation and the highest standards of ethics and competence from members, Council carries out its work in the public interest and for the protection of the public.

Sherry E. Gillis, K.C., President

M. Cindy Cameron, Past President

Christopher S. Montigny, Vice President

Mary Lynn Kane, K.C., Secretary–Treasurer

Perlene Morrison, K.C.,

Gary S. Scales, K.C.,

Jessica M. Gillis,

Meaghan S. Hughes,

Nicole M. McKenna,

Sherra M. Profit,

Janet Coughlin-Cameron, Public Representative

Marsha Cusack, Public Representative

Mary Lynn Kane, K.C, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Director

Mary Lynn Kane performs the functions of the chief executive and administrative officer of the Law Society. She is responsible to uphold and further the objectives of the Law Society which includes executive, administration and financial management; admissions; member discipline, competence and education; communication; and ensuring the efficient, effective and progressive operation of this professional regulatory body.

Kaysha GĂ©lineau, Executive Assistant

Kaysha Gélineau provides administrative support to the Secretary Treasurer, Financial Officer, Bar Admission and CLE Coordinator, Council, Committee Chairs, and assistance to the general membership and the public.

Lisa MacKay, Financial Officer & Education Co-ordinator

Lisa MacKay carries out the financial management responsibilities for the Law Society and assists with the organizing of education seminars for members and clerks.

Pamela Borden, Law Librarian

Pamela Borden is the Law Librarian at the Law Society's two Law Libraries, located in the courthouses in Charlottetown and Summerside.