Transfers from Other Provinces/Territories
Admission by Way of Transfer from Other Provinces and Territories

In November 2006, the Law Society of Prince Edward Island became a signatory to the National Mobility Agreement (NMA) and the regulatory scheme to implement the NMA became effective in February, 2007.

Therefore, a lawyer who is a member of another Canadian Law Society may now apply for admission to the Law Society of Prince Edward Island without the necessity of attending the in-province component of the Bar Admission Course or writing exams, if the lawyer meets the following qualifications:

The reading materials consist of the Bar Admission Course materials. In addition, you will be required to review the Legal Profession Act and Regulations, the Code of Professional Conduct, the Rules of Court and Forms and all other statutes required by the Law Society of Prince Edward Island;
  • pays the required fees.
  • complies with any condition prescribed by Council.

Upon compliance with the above, Council will determine whether all of the requirements have been met and if so, will give approval for the applicant’s admission. The applicant then submits and files the required Admission forms, and arranges to be called to the PEI Bar in the usual court ceremony. It is required that a Member of Council present the applicant to the court.

Lawyers from Prince Edward Island who seek to exercise mobility elsewhere in the country should consult the law society in the jurisdiction in which they wish to exercise temporary or permanent mobility. The requirements to which they will be subject will depend upon whether the jurisdiction in question is a signatory to the National Mobility Agreement and/or Territorial Mobility Agreement and has implemented rules under those Agreements.