Bar Courses

All articled clerks in Prince Edward Island must attend and pass the prescribed Bar Admission Course ("BAC") exams before they are eligible for admission to the Bar and membership in the Law Society. The course is designed to give new lawyers an overview of PEI law and procedure and the skills necessary to practise law, so that the new lawyer will have entry level competence when called to the Bar. The course is organized by the Articling & Admission Committee, coordinated by the Legal Education Coordinator, and taught by volunteer lawyers and judges.

Course Components
The course presently consists of two components:

P.E.I. Component
The PEI component is a two-week in-person course offered in Charlottetown, PEI in the fall each year and which concentrates on substantive law and practice specific to the province. Attendance each day is mandatory. To complete the course successfully, a clerk must attain a mark of at least 60% in each subject. Materials are available to clerks at one to two weeks before the beginning of the course. The tuition fee must be paid beforehand. The materials will cover topics in the course, and includes reference materials for future use.

Nova Scotia Component
The Nova Scotia component is a three-week in-person component offered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which focuses on practical skills, including interviewing, negotiation and litigation; and various online components including practice management, legal writing and legal drafting skills. Clerks from PEI are expected to make their own arrangements with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society to attend the in-person component and to participate in the three online components of the Nova Scotia Bar Admission Course. Registration and payment of the materials fee, set by the Barristers' Society, is the responsibility of each clerk. Clerks should register early for the NS component, as late registrations may not be accommodated in the session of their choice, and Clerks may have to extend their articling time to complete the course.
Nova Scotia Bar Admission Course

Exemption for N.S. Component
Clerks who have already passed a Bar Admission Course in another province may be exempt from taking the Nova Scotia component. Clerks in these circumstances may apply to Council for an exemption from the Nova Scotia component. However, they still must take and pass the PEI component.

PEI Bar Course Dates

Bar Admission Course Topics
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